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Mathieu Wansi 2-16-2009 03:23 AM
Hi Michael,
I am a private investigator in Douala Cameroon,We are looking for a private investigator to do corporate due diligence for a company in Sierra Leone selling gold and diamonds .

If you cater to the above mentioned service, or if you have a contact who can do this due dilligence for me it would be appreciate.
We want.
Corporate shareholders
No of employees
Annual Sales
Date founded
Criminal and court cases activity
Line of business
Background check of principle contact (criminal history)
Relationship of principle contact to business.
Evidence that they are engaged in Diamond or gold mining and trading (Shipping manifest, overseas client reference or BL)
please email us
This is my website :
waiting to hear from you.
Michael F. Kallon       12-7-2010 00:43 AM

I am busy for now, and not a good time to station on the west coast of Africa -for now.

Thank you,
Michael Fayia Kallon
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