The First Kissi Expedition To Kenya

It was indeed exciting to meet Mr. Tom Mboya, a Kenyan, who is also a Senior News Anchor at the Citizen TV Station in Nairobi. He emphasized that he was excited at the prospect of putting together the story of the forgotten Kissi Tribe. He had just finished an astounding piece on the African tribe in India which can be located on You Tube, or on the links found in this information. This has elicited varied reactions from viewers around the world.  He was indeed very happy to be associated with the benefits that followed the publishing of that story on the African Tribe in India; of which he was bagged the prestigious CNN African journalist of the year – 2012, and that made him to feel more inspired to do more for the African continent.

Interestingly, Mr. Mboya has indicated his relentless effort to happily link the Kissi of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, with members of the Kisii (Kissi) tribe in Kenya hoping that the proposal can develop legs in the future. It is in this regard that the Makona Book Club, Inc. has volunteered to undertake the first Kissi expedition to Kenya in the future. All our Kissi brothers, and sisters, and even all sons, and daughters, born in Kissi Bendu; along the shores of the Makona River, and in the countries named on the west coast of Africa, who would like to go on this expedition to meet with our forebears in Kenya, towrite such intentions on– / The First Kissi Expedition To Kenya, or, by simply replying to this email.

Furthermore, I am contacting the Department of Anthropology, at the University of Kenya, for scientific advice, on how our DNA could be extracted,combined with that of our Kisii family in Kenya, and studied for future research. The expedition is yet in its preliminary stage, and no date has been set yet, and more information will be sent out soon. We will be visiting the University of Kenya, maybe the President, and other government officials in that country; as well as the Kisii elders, and merry with our relatives in the Kisii chiefdom in that country, during this trip. It will be a trip of a lifetime, and why not get onboard and have fun?

Michael Fayia Kallon


Makona Book Club, Inc. / The First Kissi Expedition To Kenya

The links to Mr. Tom Mboya’s story "AFRICAN TRIBE IN INDIA":